Girls and Womyn of Color (GWoC)

The Girls and Womyn of Color (GWoC) is a group of young womyn, girls, and adult allies from South Merced and surrounding communities. Designed to empower, support, and nourish the leadership of young womyn, GWoC provides a safe and caring space for participants. Resources and trainings work to develop their critical consciousness and tackle issues that affect their lives and communities.

Since the Merced office opened in the beginning of 2018, GWoC youth have blossomed into fierce, outspoken leaders and advocates for their community. Within six short months, they led the successful MErcedToo Campaign that addressed sexual harassment in the Merced Union High School District (MUHSD). In response to a high-visibility case with a decorated teacher, the youth conducted surveys on high school campuses, uncovering a crisis of mishandled sexual harassment issues.

Armed with the data and their personal experiences, they attended MUHSD Board meetings to share their stories and to call for policy changes that will make schools safe for women and girls. One of the meetings was covered an article by Program Associate and Reporter Jen Mac Ramos of YLI’s We ‘Ced Youth Media program.

For me, leadership is about motivating people to fight for what they believe in, if there are a lot of people telling them that they can’t. To be the voice for the ones that don’t have one.
Citlali Haro

GWoC youth are currently devising a plan to support school teachers and administration, and are planning to participate in upcoming School Board meetings to ensure that the policies are enforced.

GWoC is open to all female-identified youth (middle school to college-age) in Merced. Program meetings are held on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30pm and involve both campaign organizing and  La Cultura Cura curriculum, which embraces cultural roots to heal, decolonize, and empower youth leaders.

The program also offers an annual leadership academy: Cultura, Organizing, Resistance, and Action (CORA), that brings GWoC and Rise and Lift (Merced’s program for boys and men of color) together to build leadership skills. Read the story of Citlali Haro, who participated in the first-ever CORA Leadership Academy in the summer of 2018.