Marin County Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live (FNL) is a statewide organization that addresses underage substance abuse. At yli, we take a social justice lens to the work, shifting the focus from individual behaviors to the larger patterns of injustice that target young, low-income people of color, and encourage unhealthy behaviors. By helping youth identify issues in their communities, conduct research, and implement media and policy campaigns, yli doesn’t simply deter young people from substance abuse β€” we help to shape powerful advocates who create lasting change in their communities.

In Marin County, yli staff lead 8 chapters, ensuring that they are aligned with the FNL Standards of Practice and Operating Principles. These chapters include:

FNL youth leaders played a key role in passing Social Host Ordinances in the City of Novato β€” and then county-wide β€” which hold adults responsible for underage drinking in their homes. A key contribution was a restorative justice approach for youth caught drinking and/or using illegal substances, covered in this Marin Independent Journal article and this yli blog post.

Other campaigns include:

  • Addressing the school dress code policy at a school level which has now transformed into a district wide committee to update the policy. 
  • The development of a student lounge at Hamilton school where youth can do homework, engage in fun programming, and have a safe space to wind down. 
  • Updating the Tobacco Use Prevention Education materials at San Marin High with the most recent statistics about tobacco use in Marin. The video is used to educate youth ages 12-21 about the impacts of tobacco use. 
  • Leading Narcan trainings for local community organizations and youth groups to bring awareness to the opioid epidemic and ways youth can support their peers in moments of crisis.
  • Creating a wellness survey with the purpose of identifying mental and financial hardships caused by COVID-19.
  • Collaborating to create a Wellness Hub on the Marin Oaks Campus.
  • Developing silkscreen art posters with positive and encouraging messages.
  • Supporting Pride week celebrations and planning in collaboration with Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

Interested in Joining?

Programs are open to all youth at each site, and youth are welcome to join at any time. Interested youth can reach out to the site coordinator. Each chapter meets weekly at their school site during the school year.