Sunsetted Programs

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) – 1/19-6/19

MBK engaged youth of color ages 15-25 in a visual research series on juvenile justice and violence prevention using youth-led multimedia to inform diverse audience in Long Beach. Young people had the opportunity to research what resources are available for youth who have been involved in the justice system, and how the community of Long Beach can best support youth development. Youth leaders created various visual products that highlighted the findings and recommendations from their assessments.

Youth Reporters also produced one solution-focused multimedia story on violence prevention and on diverse families who have experienced the criminal justice system so audiences can learn what resources are available for young people and their families when they face the criminal justice system and afterward.

My Brother’s Keeper was funded by the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services.

The Betting on Our Future (BOOF) – 5/19-6/20

BOOF was a media campaign that empowered young people to raise awareness about problem gambling and create change in their communities. Students were responsible for scripting, coordinating, and producing live dramatic performances, video projects, and public service announcements to communicate the risks and signs of problem gambling among youth. Young people also had the opportunity to create gambling themed artwork to be used in print publications for parents and other concerned adults to inform them of the warning signs of problem gambling and the resources available to help their families.

BOOF was supported by the California Friday Night Live Partnership through a grant from the California Office of Problem Gambling.