The kNOw Fresno

The kNOw Youth Media equips young people with media and storytelling skills to uplift their stories and the stories of their communities, amplifies youth voice through media partnerships and encourages civic engagement through community health reporting.

The kNOw has existed since 2006 and produces annual print publications distributed by The Fresno Bee, produces web content on a weekly basis, runs a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account with relevant youth content and produces multimedia content year round.

To learn more visit or contact Kody Stoebig at [email protected] or (559)303-7899.

Latest Stories from The kNOw Fresno

High Speed Railway: A Needed Pipeline Or A Hopeless Pipe Dream?

Rocky Walker | April 15, 2019
With the seemingly ever-changing nature of the California high-speed rail system, many people are starting to wonder: Is it ever…

A Space for Growth

Christian Navarro | April 11, 2019
Youth Media
As a teenager, I was so eager to move out of my mom’s place. Not only did I feel restricted…

The kNOw Weighs In: Living in California

The kNOw Youth Media | April 5, 2019
Community Health
Editor’s Note: According to the movies, everything is better in California. The people are happier, the sky is bluer and…

Invisible Population: FACTS (Series I)

Nataly Barajas | March 29, 2019
Communities, Community Health
Editor’s Note: Invisible Population is an ongoing art project by queer person of color (POC) artist, Nataly Barajas, and local…

City Council Says No to “STOP”

Patrick Antunez | March 26, 2019
Communities, Government
On Thursday, March 21, Fresno City Council discussed and voted on STOP (Safe Transfer of Objects to Pedestrians), a proposed…

“Captain Marvel” Soars To New Heights

Izzy Rodgriguez | March 20, 2019
Arts and Culture
Disclaimer: This review will be spoiler free. “Higher, further, faster, baby.” On March 8, which also happened to be International…