The kNOw Fresno

The kNOw Youth Media equips young people with media and storytelling skills to uplift their stories and the stories of their communities, amplifies youth voice through media partnerships and encourages civic engagement through community health reporting.

The kNOw has existed since 2006 and produces annual print publications distributed by The Fresno Bee, produces web content on a weekly basis, runs a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account with relevant youth content and produces multimedia content year round.

To learn more visit or contact Kody Stoebig at [email protected] or (559)303-7899.

Latest Stories from The kNOw Fresno

Meet the 2019 Spring Cohort!

The kNOw Youth Media | January 28, 2019
Youth Media
New year, new goals. Check out what the reporters of the Spring 2019 Cohort want to focus on in 2019. …

First Is The Worst

Angel Vargas 😜 | January 14, 2019
Youth Media
Winning your first match is exhilarating. Your first kiss makes your head spin. Your first straight A’s makes you feel…

Mental Health’s Mal-Portrayal In Cinema

Rocky Walker | December 6, 2018
Mental Health
Horror movies: who doesn’t love the genre? My guess is the group of innocent people being portrayed as murderous heathens…

But Did My Vote Count?

Raymart Catacutan | December 4, 2018
It’s been almost a month since I voted for the first time. I had turned 18 just the month prior.…

The Kieshaun White Healthy Air Experiment

Johnsen Del Rosario | November 20, 2018
Community Health
The San Joaquin Valley is notorious for its air quality, especially in Fresno County. In 2013, 93706 was ranked first…

The kNOw Weighs In: Fresno Needs To Do More For Homeless Youth

The kNOw Youth Media | November 13, 2018
Community Health, Government
In Fresno County alone, there are 5,088 registered students who are homeless. Of those youth, only 280 are served by…