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The Madera Youth Collective supports youth in leading community campaigns on issues that they are most interested in. Along the way, youth leaders gain skills in building meaningful partnerships with adults, conducting research, and planning, implementing and evaluating campaigns.

VAX58 Phase I

In early 2022, yli launched a statewide program to encourage communities across California to get their COVID-19 vaccines. In Madera, the Youth Collective created several media projects to increase awareness and access to resources in our community. These included:

  • Podcast
    • Collective members Beto, Jaylee, Jax, Ja’rea and Alexia speak about their experiences throughout the pandemic and the importance of getting vaccinated because no one is alone when we are in community together.
  • Billboard
    • Between 9/12-10/9 and 9/5-10/2, two billboards designed by The Youth Collective will go up on US 99 to encourage community members to get vaccinated. 
  • Activity & Resource Book
    • This community and resource book was created to share stories, recipes, coloring /activity pages, and resources to youth in Madera. 
  • COVID Myth Jeopardy Game & Video
    • Created and hosted by Jax Garcia, youth collective members play a COVID Myth Jeopardy Game to learn the truths behind the most common myths about COVID-19. 

VAX58 Phase II

VAX58 Phase 1 was so successful that yli was awarded funding for a phase 2. Youth Collective members will begin this work in October of 2022. Stay tuned for updates!

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