VoiceWaves equips young people with media and storytelling skills to uplift their stories and the stories of their communities, amplifies youth voice through media partnerships and encourages civic engagement through community health reporting.

VoiceWaves has existed since 2011 and produces annual print publications distributed by The Long Beach Post, produces web content on a weekly basis, runs a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account with relevant youth content and produces multimedia content year round.

VoiceWaves has been featured in The Long Beach Post, KQED, Press-Telegram, KCET & more.

VoiceWaves also partners with CSULB’s Journalism 495 class, Enterprise Reporting in Diverse Communities, every semester to guide students in developing story pitching and enhance community reporting skills for the next generation.

Latest Stories from VoiceWaves

Students, Teachers Rate Poly High School’s Feminism — Video Graphics

Briana Mendez-Padilla | April 18, 2019
Beyond Longbeach, Communities, Education
Youth Reporter Briana Mendez gives us a visual take on how students and teachers at Poly High School are weighing…

Dang! — People’s State of the City Took On Long Beach’s Housing, Police, Racial Inequality

M. Smith | April 16, 2019
Communities, Community Health, Economy, Government
Here’s our Recap Video, Social Media Story & Podcast covering the event. (We really went out all out on covering…

Long Beach’s Biggest Activist Space of the Year! (Wavegang Podcast Special Preview!)

M. Smith | April 9, 2019
Arts + Culture, Communities, Community Health, Government
It happens every year and every damn year it seems to get bigger. What is it about the annual People’s…

Docking Paychecks: The High Cost of Working as a Port Truck Driver

Crystal Niebla | March 19, 2019
Since April 2014, port truck drivers have held 16 strikes at the L.A./Long Beach ports, often demanding to be reclassified…

ARTIST CONVERSATIONS PODCAST EP. 2: Different Song, Same Struggle

Odin Smith | March 15, 2019
Arts + Culture, Community Health
If you ever struggled with mental health, you probably remember that one song, artist, or album that made it all…

Sorry, Dad, But No Golden Robe This Graduation

Yesenia Pacheco | March 12, 2019
Communities, Community Health, Education
The pressure to meet society’s expectations is a lifelong struggle.