VoiceWaves equips young people with media and storytelling skills to uplift their stories and the stories of their communities, amplifies youth voice through media partnerships and encourages civic engagement through community health reporting.

VoiceWaves has existed since 2011 and produces annual print publications distributed by The Long Beach Post, produces web content on a weekly basis, runs a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account with relevant youth content and produces multimedia content year round.

VoiceWaves has been featured in The Long Beach Post, KQED, Press-Telegram, KCET & more.

VoiceWaves also partners with CSULB’s Journalism 495 class, Enterprise Reporting in Diverse Communities, every semester to guide students in developing story pitching and enhance community reporting skills for the next generation.

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Latest Stories from VoiceWaves

A Cabrillo High School Dreamer’s Poem

VoiceWaves | February 4, 2019
Arts + Culture, Communities
A visual poem by a local youth. “This is dedicated to all the Dreamers and to all the people who…

Mr. Governor: Here’s What Cali Youth Are Expecting From You

VoiceWaves | January 25, 2019
Communities, Government
Known for his trendsetting progressive policies, the new governor was recently dubbed “The Next Head of the California Resistance.” What…

Here are Three Youth Reflections for MLK Day

VoiceWaves | January 22, 2019
“And as the struggles continues, King’s spirit of action remains.”

Mayor’s State of the City 2019: Housing Crisis Solutions, Criminal Justice Relief, and More.

Georgina Sandoval | January 16, 2019
Mayor Robert Garcia gives his 5th State of the City address identifying the city’s greatest issues, including: housing, public safety,…

Audio Diary: How This Long Beach Woman Survived the Khmer Rouge

CSULB Enterprise Reporters | January 15, 2019
Arts + Culture, Communities
In this audio diary, local Lean Taing shares her incredible journey of survival and finding happiness in Cambodia Town, Long…

Youth Q&A: Mayor Garcia Talks Identity, Housing, Criminal Justice & Pollution in Long Beach

Alvin Engo | January 3, 2019
Youth Reporters get the chance to interview the city’s first Latino mayor on his plans for Long Beach’s most pressing…