Youth Leadership Alumni Board (YLAB)

The Youth Leadership Alumni Board (YLAB) runs yli’s youth philanthropy program in Fresno and Madera. The power of youth philanthropy is that those who know the most about young people – young people – decide which projects will most benefit the youth in their communities. Youth actively inhabit community spaces and interact with community members all the time, every day. That knowledge guides youth philanthropists as they dialogue about applications, letters of support, budgets and interviews – they have a sharp sense of what projects will be effective for their communities.

The YLAB youth board members are made up of yli alumni who represent Fresno and Madera communities, have demonstrated their capacity for leadership, and are committed to empowering the youth of Fresno and Madera counties to engage in positive social change.

Each annual cycle involves reviewing applications and selecting 10 young people to honor with a Distinguished Scholarship. Approximately $5,000 is given away each year in scholarships. Occasionally, YLAB also awards mini-grants to individuals and groups in the community to further social justice projects.

This program is open to yli Alumni. Participants meet quarterly throughout the year and as-needed during scholarship cycle.