Education Justice at yli

yli is more than an organization – we are a collective of human beings, many of whom are drawn from and reflect the powerful and resilient communities we serve. Just as there is work to do out in the world, there is work to do internally as an organization to ensure that we are dismantling the oppressive systems in which we are all embedded, and creating in their place the world that we envision.

At yli, we have been practicing Education Justice by:

  • Attending to the immediate educational needs of our youth during crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic, in the form of equipment that enabled them to participate in online classes
  • Supporting staff to continue their education by offering flexible schedules

Our areas of growth include:

  • Building stronger political education and curriculum on education justice for our youth, staff and communities
  • Launching more youth-led campaigns on mental health and transformative justice practices in schools
  • Continuing to learn from, build relationships with, and participate in solidarity with other organizations and movements working on education justice

Current Programs