Coalition Member, MYNT

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  • Community Service/Volunteer Hours
  • Authorship on Publications/Letters to the Editor
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If you identify as a young person of color, have a heart for social justice, or are constantly being challenged by your personal faith to make a better world, then we need you!!

Click here to download the application!

Mobilizing Youth to Nix Tobacco (MYNT) is a youth leadership coalition (14-24 yo) that is committed to reducing tobacco-related health issues that negatively impact the African-American Community in the Central Valley. MYNT gives young people a first-hand experience to create healthier and more equitable neighborhoods. Youth and adult allies work in community as a team, designing engaging campaigns through social media and other creative platforms. We organize exciting cultural moments to bring the community and resources together. Our goal is to see our communities thrive, free from the influence of tobacco, and this is how we are going to get there:

  1. Passing legislation in our local communities to ban the sales of flavored tobacco, including menthol, and end the widespread epidemic that dates back to the 1950s-60s.
  2. Mobilizing and developing youth leadership coalitions to lead and engage their communities in this fight for a tobacco-free California in the Central Valley
  3. Collaborating with faith-based communities to adapt tobacco-free places and campuses of worship

MYNT Coalition Members engage in various ways to collaborate and lead change in the community. 

  • Weekly Fresno MYNT Coalition Meetings, Tuesdays at 4:30-5:30M 
  • Weekly Tulare MYNT Coalition Meetings, TBD
  • Weekly Madera MYNT Coalition Meetings, TBD
  • Quarterly Tobacco Prevention Advisory Coalition Meeting, Fall Semester and Spring Semester
  • Quarterly Faith and Wellness Subcommittee, Fall Semester and Spring 

Click here to download the application, and reach out to LJ Mariano, [email protected], for more information. Or, come join us during a coalition meeting to complete your application. And follow us on social media!

  • Instagram: @mynt_cv
  • Twitter: @mynt_cv
  • Facebook: @mobilizingyouthtonixtobacco