Youth Grantmaker, BLING

  • Stipend/Gift Card
  • School Credit
  • Community Service/Volunteer Hours
  • Authorship on Publications/Letters to the Editor
  • Transportation Reimbursement
  • Grant/Scholarship

BLING is Hiring Youth Philanthropists!

We’re looking for youth that want to create change in the SF community!

Are you tired of injustice? We want you. Youth philanthropists in the BLING program will impact social change in San Francisco by providing grants to youth-led social justice projects. Throughout your time in the program, youth philanthropists will engage in comprehensive social justice training, while developing your skills in: leadership, creativity, teamwork, community building, and public speaking. As a youth philanthropist, you will advocate for the city’s most important social justice issues and uplift youth voice in spaces where your voices are typically unheard.


  • Engage in comprehensive social justice training. Before giving away money, youth will develop a basic understanding of a plethora of social justice issues
  • Facilitate two grant cycles. Youth will conduct grant outreach, review grant applications, conduct interviews, and make final funding decisions.
  • Fund $100,000 in grant funding to youth-led social justice projects
  • Build community with other youth!
  • Engage in extra program activities: field trips, community service, conferences, etc.


  • High school students, or youth 13-19 for youth not in high school.
  • Youth that are passionate for social justice
  • Youth that have a strong desire to create change and fight for equity/equality
  • Youth from all backgrounds and neighborhoods
  • Youth that like to, or would like to develop community
  • Youth with dedication and time to commit

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To learn more about BLING and our youth philanthropist internship, visit our website.