Youth Grantmaker, BLING

  • Stipend
  • School Credit
  • Community Service/Volunteer Hours
  • Authorship on Publications/Letters to the Editor
  • Transportation Reimbursement
  • Grant/Scholarship

BLING is Hiring Youth Philanthropists!

We’re looking for youth that want to create change in the SF community!

Know any youth who are tired of injustice? We want them. BLING is a program that hires youth to address social justice issues. In this program, youth will engage in comprehensive social justice training, and provide grants to youth-led projects while developing their skills in leadership, creativity, teamwork, community building, public speaking, and more.

Youth will earn a stipend for their work!

If you know any youth that would be interested in this program, share this and encourage them to apply!! P.S. we encourage you to share this opportunity with all youth from all backgrounds, neighborhoods, and experiences. We look forward to seeing your applications!

To learn more about BLING and our youth philanthropist internship, visit our website.

Click here to apply!