We are bringing the yli Youth Fund back! Join us in Long Beach, Merced and San Francisco to celebrate youth power and to award $5,000 each to three youth-led projects! Click the links below to register and donate. 

Long Beach

Come celebrate College Outreach research and Learning (CORAL) with us on October 13th in Long Beach! CORAL aims to directly provide the resources, guidance, and support in order to make youth's higher education dreams a reality. Directly challenging education injustice in higher education, CORAL's mission is to accommodate the individual needs of youth to bridge the gap of knowledge between historically disadvantaged communities and higher education in a material way.


Come celebrate a youth-led mural project in Merced on October 7th! Young people of South Merced would like to beautify the local park and promote a mural that is reflective and representative of the community of South Merced. Even with all of the struggles and injustices happening here locally and abroad, there is also time that we intentionally create spaces of art, creativity, and joy. Our project’s intention is to bring attention to the struggles that the people of South Merced face with the hope that we can transform our communities.

San Francisco

Come celebrate The Stop Asian Discrimination project with us September 29th in San Francisco! The Stop Asian Discrimination project is led by a group of high school students. The project is to address Asian discrimination and advocate for more American high schools to raise awareness on the topic and pay more attention to their Asian American high school students.