Why Voting Matters

yli is My Story
Daly City Bay Leaders preparing for the emergency renters forum.

Change is happening, whether you’re ready or not. Change is happening. Today’s society has challenging issues that have been normalized for too long, and 2020 has taught us all that what’s normal isn’t always just. Change isn’t comfortable, but there are people who push beyond their comfort zones to help better the society they live in. Elections are coming up and everyone has the power to elect officials who represent their beliefs and needs. Voting gives people the power to control how our nation is run. 

Some of you will say, “But wait, I’m not old enough to vote. How does this apply to me?” Well, your voice still matters! Youth still have the power to help create change and have their voices heard. Take Daly City yli for example. Together, we agreed that renting is one of the main issues in the community we live in. We decided to create a platform to amplify youth voices and the problems that needed to be heard, from our perspective. We attended and spoke up at a couple of city council meetings and shared the issues that stood out from the 300+ surveys we collected from school. After a few city council meetings, the Daly City City Council finally passed a policy that would help protect renters’ rights! 

Daly City Bay Leaders preparing for the emergency renters forum.

If people come together and unite for a common cause, changes can be made. It’s not just a one time effort – it’s a continuous struggle, everyone making an effort together. And it is crucial to our nation right now. Yes, you as youth can’t vote yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You can spread the word and encourage those you know who can vote, to vote. Our nation is in a position where the future of our country relies on those who are elected. Who you want to represent you is up to the results of the voting. Your voices matter. Voting matters. Community matters.


Eula Camara is a Freshman at City College of San Francisco and a participant in yli’s Daly City Bay Leaders program.