Alhelí Cuenca (she/her)

Alhelí Cuenca was born and raised in California’s Central Valley. She leads with the belief that when young people are invested in and have the tools to shape the stories of their community, their narratives can change the hearts and minds of decision makers and the voting public. As Bay Area Director of Programs, she is proud to lead and support a dynamic team of change agents and mentors across a breadth of programming across the Bay Area. 

In 2014, Alhelí completed a B.A in Political, Legal, & Economic Analysis with an emphasis in Legal Studies from Mills College, and in May of 2022, she completed a joint Masters in Business Administration and Public Policy as a first generation graduate student from Mills College.  

When Alhelí takes off her yli hat, you can find her doing one of a few things on a Saturday morning – gearing up to play any sport, post breakfast napping, or trying out new recipes in her little test kitchen! 

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