Fresno County Friday Night Live

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Friday Night Live (FNL) is a statewide organization that addresses underage substance abuse. At YLI, we take a social justice lens to the work, shifting the focus from individual behaviors to the larger patterns of injustice that target young, low-income people of color and encourage unhealthy behaviors. By helping youth identify issues in their communities, conduct research, and implement media and policy campaigns, YLI doesn’t simply deter young people from substance abuse — we help to shape powerful advocates who create lasting change in their communities.

YLI staff lead a number of chapters in Fresno County, ensuring that they are aligned with the FNL Standards of Practice and Operating Principles.

Our youth have led policy wins and media campaigns, such as the successful Sticker Shock Campaign, which partnered with the local FoodsCo. to hold a press conference and label packs of alcohol with warning stickers to educate adults about underage drinking. The story was aired on the local TV station, ABC 30 Action News, as well as The Fresno Bee.

Fresno FNL sites are headed up by the following YLI staff:

FNL (college):

  1. Fresno Pacific University — Bao Moua

FNL (high school):

    1. Roosevelt & Sunnyside — Valeria Salazar
    2. Kerman — Hilda Osuna 
    3. Tranquility — Julio Lopez
    4. Selma, Reedley Middle College & Orange Cove — Daniel Gonzalez
    5. Edison — Ray Waller II


Club Live (middle school):

  1. Gaston Middle — Ray Waller II
  2. Kerman Middle — Hilda Osuna 
  3. San Joaquin ElementaryJulio Lopez

FNL Kids (elementary school):

  1. Hacienda Heights & The Parks at Fig Garden — Hilda Osuna 
  2. Summer Park & Fenix Apartments — Bao Moua

Programs are open to all youth at each site — please contact the site coordinator for more information about meeting times.