Emily Rivas (she/her/ella)

Emily brings six years of invaluable experience in the nonprofit sector, centered on empowering the youth of Fresno County. Her commitment to community engagement and collaboration has been pivotal in orchestrating impactful events, fostering partnerships with local governments, mayors, school districts, and cultural hubs in Fresno.

A standout achievement in her career was her role as a core member in organizing the inaugural Latinx graduation within the Fresno Unified School District. Through her direct involvement, she passionately empowered young individuals to advocate for a graduation ceremony that authentically reflected their community’s essence, roots, and cultural significance. Her dedication to ensuring that these ceremonies honor the diversity and heritage of the students has been instrumental in shaping a more inclusive and representative educational environment.

Emily’s multifaceted expertise in nonprofit work, coupled with her passion for community empowerment, has left an indelible mark on Fresno County, serving as an inspiring example of advocacy, cultural celebration, and youth engagement.