Marin Prevention Network

The Marin Prevention Network is working to reduce underage drinking and the impacts of alcohol on our communities through city and county-level policy change. Consisting of over 10 organizations, the Network represents local organizations, youth, school, government and nonprofit stakeholders from communities across the county.

YLI’s role in this effort has been to build authentic youth representation and leadership, ensuring that youth voice and perspectives are included at the decision-making table. This has taken the form of trainings that help shift traditional perceptions of youth, and technical assistance to support coalition members as they integrate youth development standards of practice in recruitment, retention and authentic youth engagement.

YLI youth have led the process, developing monthly meeting agendas, facilitating meetings and trainings, leading the annual retreat, and creating a youth engagement assessment tool to measure each member’s success in engaging youth.

YLI youth from Friday Night Live and the Marin Prevention Network played a key role in the passage of the passage of Social Host Ordinances in the City of Novato and County of Marin, providing a restorative justice approach for youth caught drinking and/or using illegal substances and extending adult accountability to party buses and rental facilities. The policy win was covered in this Marin Independent Journal article and this YLI blog post.

Coalition meetings are open to the public.