Youth Alcohol Prevention Coalition

The Youth Alcohol Prevention Coalition (YAPC) is a 12-month program where youth leaders and adult allies from across San Francisco come together to develop long-term solutions to underage drinking. Starting in July of each year, YAPC designs and implements projects that share prevention strategies, healthy coping skills, alternative activities to drinking and local resources to discourage youth alcohol abuse in San Francisco County. 

YAPC values empowering young people to influence and educate their peers through positive, compassionate messaging.  We also believe that by providing our participants with the right resources and helping them build a coalition with each other, they are fully equipped to reach every young person in the county with their message!

Here is one of the cool things we have accomplished that you could be a part of! For the past two years, the cohort has created ‘zines to reach youth across San Francisco to encourage healthy alternatives to drinking on top of providing resources and statistics on youth alcohol consumption. Read them here: Community Voices, Vol. 1 and Community Voices, Vol 2.

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Interested in joining? 

Recruitment happens every June. YAPC has an expected 10 hour time commitment a month, 4 of those hours are spent in two 2-hour meetings a month while the remaining 6 hours will be spent meeting with their adult allies to complete necessary action items and/or any related tasks.


  • Must be a San Francisco resident
  • Must have completed the CMCA curriculum
  • Must not graduate before May of the following year of application
  • Must be enrolled for the entire school year following application deadline (i.e. if you applied in June 2022, then you must be fully enrolled for 2022-2023 school year)

To request more information, please contact Mary Toni Cerrado at [email protected] 

The Youth Alcohol Prevention Coalition (YAPC) is funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and this coalition is a unique partnership between DPH Population Health and the Children, Youth and Families (CYF) System of Care under Behavioral Health Services. YAPC is composed of 6 San Francisco-based organizations (Youth Leadership Institute, Jamestown Community Center, Horizons Unlimited, YMCA, Japanese Community Youth Council, and the Southeast Asian Youth Development Center).