Youth Participatory Action Research

Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) empowers young people to explore pressing issues impacting their communities/schools and respond by implementing sustainable change.

Youth will take action, start dialogues, organize and mobilize alongside a team of young activists, learning how to conduct research, lead campaigns, and make a difference. 

We follow the YPAR model explained below:

YOUTH: All high school age (14-18) youth in San Francisco.

PARTICIPATORY: All participants, including community members, are seen as contributors of knowledge and experiences.

ACTION: The goal is to use research to develop a plan of action toward addressing a problem in the community.

RESEARCH: A systematic investigation or assessment of a problem facing the community. It centers community strengths, narratives, and knowledge.

As they develop the language and framing to share their experiences and confront damaging policies, systems, and environments, youth develop the tools to become powerful advocates for themselves and their communities. Youth will be able to apply their skills of analysis via health and social justice issues, and their identity, professional, and academic development, to other projects in their personal and professional lives. 

For the November 2021 – May 2022 cycle, our YPAR participants are researching the needs of young people as we transition back into in-person learning. Currently, our young people are specifically focusing on topics such as access to mental health resources, systemic racism and inequities within their school district.

The program is open to all high school age (14-18) youth in San Francisco. Applications are open now!