Olivia Rodriguez Mendez

Olivia Rodriguez Mendez (she/her/ella) is from Thermal, California an unincorporated community in the Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV). Olivia is passionate about working alongside other community members in local efforts that center community, art and joy.

Olivia graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Integrative Biology. Upon graduation Olivia returned to the ECV where she joined Coachella Unincorporated as a youth journalist in 2015. Throughout her time in Coachella Unincorporated, Olivia had the opportunity to work alongside other local filmmakers and artists to co-produce and write an award-winning film called, Estamos Aqui: A Community Documentary. Olivia then pursued a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Global Health from Loma Linda University.

Currently, Olivia is the Program Coordinator for ¡Que Madre! Media, a space for young womxn in the ECV where they destigmatize mental health issues in their community through storytelling and advocacy.